Mary McCormack Deka is a freelance writer and editor. She has worked with authors in a variety of genres (business, motivational, memoir, poetry, fantasy, romance, drama, film, and so on) to improve both technical and developmental aspects of their writing. She delights in the written word and loves to provide constructive criticism both for people just starting out as writers and for those who are well established in their fields.

She has a BA in Creative Writing and Spanish from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Always interested in language, Deka has also studied Portuguese, Hindi, Assamese, and Arabic.

Much of her own writing stems from travel, nature, observation of everyday things, and a profound curiosity about how people think and act. Her work spans a number of genres. She has been published in both India and the U.S. Her poems have appeared in Railonama, Storm Cellar, The Mystic Nebula, Pegasus, and the Goodreads newsletter.

She is currently writing on a fantasy novel, and her first book of poetry, Away from Shore, is forthcoming.

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